September 04, 2011

The Power of The Breakfast

It’s a Monday, three years ago this July, and Carolyne Taylor, Member Relations Manager for Vancouver Island, and I are having lunch and talking about a breakfast event we have planned for Friday, just 5 days away.  This is going to be an HR 101 workshop for business people in Victoria. We have a room booked and breakfast is ordered.  Problem is our registrations are non-existent!  (Ugh...we’ve all been there!)  We don’t want to cancel the space, so what do we do….we email our BCHRMA members and offer them breakfast.  Come and have breakfast with your peers we say – learn about what they are doing, what they are good at and how we can connect with each other.  It’s like a BCHRMA mingle but more…intimate.

Well, who knew that exactly three years later we would have such a great event continuing stronger than ever!  Today’s breakfast saw 19 amazing BCHRMA members making connections right, left and centre.  We had the right number of people, in the right place at the right time and the connections were amazing.  Today in particular seemed to strike me as more powerful than usual so I asked myself Why?  Why today? Why this breakfast?  I don’t have the answer to “why” but I do know what I was witness to which was pretty phenomenal.  I met people who came to this particular breakfast from communities as far up Island as Courtenay and from countries as far flung as Dubai.  I felt the energy when the entire room collectively winced in empathy for a woman who was going to be moving her daughter to Alberta to go to school (talk about feeling support!) and I watched as half the table turned to look at one job-seeking individual as a lead to a job that would be perfect for him was announced, smiles on all faces in excitement.  Talk about the hidden job market in action!  There was a sense of celebration in the air as congratulations were shared with a new attendee who just moved to Victoria to start a new job and even temporary housing connections were made.

So, we shared job leads, offered housing help, talked about HR, made international connections and signed up mentors for the BCHRMA mentoring  program – in 60 minutes.  Pretty productive Friday morning if you ask me! And to top it off, great food put on by Cabin 12, our go-to restaurant that opens at 7:30 am just for us!

Who knew that an invite to breakfast three years ago would produce such an ongoing, powerhouse event that is on people’s “don’t miss” list each month!   Be sure to join us on Friday, September 23rd to get in on the action!   Oh, and don’t forget, you have to be a member to attend!  Just one of the many fabulous benefits of membership!

See you at Breakfast!

Denise Lloyd
Chair, Vancouver Island Region Advisory Council

Note: originally posted on August 26th on BCHRMA blog

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