September 06, 2011

The "Why" Behind Career Development Connections

Since launching Career Development Connections in April of 2011, many people have asked me what it is and why they should get involved.  So here it is – in a nutshell.

Career Development Connections is an initiative of my HR consulting company, Engaged HR.  I have had my foot in both the HR and Career Development camps my entire career and really, believe they are deeply linked, as many would attest to.  So, during this time of intense change for the Career Development Industry, it only makes sense to me to provide specialized services to organizations in this industry to enhance their ability to thrive and adapt to the new world of “business transformation”. 

These industry changes are not new for me.  In 2005, I was involved in the closure of an agency for the very same reason that many organizations are undergoing tremendous change now – “Service Amalgamation” it was called at that time; “Business Transformation” today.  So, I get it. I get the implications of all the current changes and I get what kind of challenges it presents to you and your organization. You are faced with potential growth, potential downsizing and just plain old fashioned change to service delivery models.  And I get how difficult that is.

Over the last year, the thing that keeps coming to mind, over and over, is the people who work in this industry.  I feel for Executive Directors as they manage multiple changing priorities, for Career Practitioners as they consider their job options in this field, and for the support staff who are dedicated to providing good service and are confused about how best to do that. 

Over and over, I have heard from people that they need a place to be connected; a place to go to find out what is going on and a place to go that helps them be pro-active in their career planning.  When Career Development Connections was launched I was overwhelmed by the support.  Emails came in thanking me for setting up something that provided them what they needed – support, job options and information.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me from the beginning!

So, I created Career Development Connections to connect people, to share information and to provide service where service is needed. My goal is to serve this industry and to share my learning from my 15+ years in this industry. And of course, my day is made when I can make a positive difference in this community!

To learn more about Career Development Connections, go to and if you want to know how I can help you thrive in this industry, be in touch at Denise at EngagedHR (dot) com.

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