January 17, 2012

Top 3 Ways to Find the Perfect Person

It isn’t always easy to find that perfect person. You known the one I mean, the one that fits into your organization like a glove and it seems like they have been with you forever after their first day (in a good way!).  It is possible to find those people; it just takes effort and focus.  I find there are three things that make the difference when I am recruiting for the perfect person.

  1. Know what it takes to do the job well.  If you know the style of the person who would be a perfect fit for the job, it makes it easier to screen, interview and select the right person. The tool I use for this is CRG’s Job Style Indicator.
  2. Assess the style of your candidates and find out what would be the perfect kind of job for them. Knowing if their style fits the style of the job you have available helps determine if the fit is going to be possible. The tool that fits perfectly with the Job Style Indicator noted above is CRG’s Personal Style Indicator.
  3. Get the best from your best!  Implement an Employee Referral Program that rewards employees for bringing talent to you that fits.  For every person that you hire (and who stays in the job at least 3 or 6 months), reward your current employee. Maybe it is a cash reward, maybe it is extra time off or a night out at the movies.  Reward based on what fits your budget and your culture.
What steps to do you take find the perfect person?  Do you have the perfect person right now? How did you find them?

Interested in learning more about how to incorporate these techniques into your hiring practices? Email Denise@EngagedHR.com to talk about how Engaged HR can assist you with each of these critical steps.

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