March 18, 2012

It's Time to Make Time

On March 8th, I had the pleasure of presenting to the Executive Directors of Immigrant Services Agencies from all over BC.  They were together for a professional development event hosted by AMSSA (  I presented on the topic of Staff Development and Motivation and focused the concepts towards retention strategies in times of change. 

What resonated for me in the discussions was that Executive Directors and Program Managers are working so hard right now that many of the typical retention strategies that have been in place in an organization are falling  by the wayside.  They are no longer doing things like offering flexible schedules, providing ongoing feedback or consulting for input as much as they could.  All things that contribute to a high morale and an engaged workforce! Instead, we are heads down, focused on getting the job done and not paying attention to the messages that are going on around us. And then we wonder why people are unhappy or why people aren't stepping up to go the extra mile at this time of intense workload demands.

It is clear from the morale around us sometimes that it's time to make time.  There is a cost to forgetting to do the things that keep people engaged and it's time to remember what those are and to make room for them again.  The cost of not is just to high.

I will be blogging about these various retention strategies over the next few weeks so stayed tuned!  And if you want more on this, give me a call and I can share my presentation with you or I can come in and discuss with your staff/managers.

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