February 13, 2012

Thought for the Week

I am watching the Grammy Awards tonight and am feeling the depth of emotion in that audience about the passing of Whitney Houston. Whitney was someone who, through her music, made a difference in the lives of many but who never seemed to believe she was enough. I am not one to get involved in celebrity gossip however this is striking me as particularly poignant as I am doing some work around the concept of significance. 

Ultimately, significance is something that we all strive for.  It might come from having someone to share Valentine's Day with, or from having a rock star career that changes the world or from being able to provide a single client with quality service each and every day. No matter where it comes from, significance is a vital part of how and why we do our work.
As we head into a new era of service delivery, where finding significance will look different, I encourage everyone to identify your way of feeling significant.  To find the nuggets that make you feel "at your best" and to hold onto those nuggets for planting in the new model. Plant them so that they grow, and nurture you and bring you your feeling of significance.
Because at the heart of it all, we all want to be significant.

Enjoy your week!

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