March 04, 2012

Where do clients come from?

ETHOS Career Management Group is hosting a Get Clients Now! workshop in Nanaimo and Victoria this spring (more information) and it got me to thinking....

Are we thinking about where clients are going to come from?  For the new employment programs in BC, client flows are a big area of focus in the new model - you won't make enough money if you don't have enough clients.  Having said that, have we actually thought about HOW we are going to get clients or just IF we are going to get referrals of clients from government?  It is an interesting shift in thinking about where clients come from.  Are you comfortable with government being responsible for your client flow? Are you marketing the same way you always have in this new climate? Does being the only employment program in town mean you are guaranteed an adequate client flow?

I don't have the answers to these questions - they are just ones that come to mind when I think about the link between client flow and revenue generation. It is a new world and this link has never been so strong so it makes me wonder - will the same client attraction techniques of today work in the future?

I also thought about Career Practitioners who are moving into self-employment - either for the short term while they continue to look for work in the industry or in the long term as they move away from employment in government funded programs and they embark on a journey of private practice.  What kind of marketing will work for these entrepreneurs? How will they find clients? How will those of us who can refer to them, know about them?  Hmmm, maybe there is a service I can offer to support that..... 

Regardless of how you learn to get clients, whether it be this workshop or something else, it is important to think about and to address early on in the game.  Your revenues depend on it.

What new techniques have you put into place to bring in clients?  If I could offer a service that would help you market yourself as a self-employed Career Practitioner, what would it be?

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