April 15, 2012

Thank You Volunteers!

This week is National Volunteer Week in Canada (April 15 - 21, 2012) and this is an excellent opportunity to thank all of those people in your community who volunteer!  This excellent video from Volunteer Canada provides some fascinating stats on what volunteerism looks like in this country.

This is also an excellent opportunity to provide the employees in your business with either some recognition for the volunteering they currently do or to even implement a volunteer program.  Corporate Volunteer Programs can take all kinds of forms - here are just a few ideas:

  • Do some activities with a team from your company.  Habitat for Humanity provides an opportunity for both team building and giving back when you help build a home!
  • Provide employees with some paid time off to volunteer for the cause of their choice.  Employees who feel that they are supported in their mission to make a difference in their community are more likely to feel loyalty to their employer. Great for retention!
  • Adopt a Local Charity - determine a charity of choice and spend the year finding ways to support that charity - maybe it is a staff food drive at Christmas or a clean-up effort in the Spring.  Talk to your employees and get a sense of what would engage their hearts, minds and energy to give back to their community.  And there is nothing like a little lunchtime Rock, Paper, Scissors championship to generate some dollars - a $5 buy in can generate some good cash for your charity!
Volunteer Victoria, located in Victoria, BC has a great webpage dedicated to Employer Sponsored Volunteerism with a ton of great ideas and information on how to get involved.

And remember, say thanks all year to those who volunteer!  There are some cool best practices out there!  It's a good thing to say "Thank you!".

Call to Action:  What can you do in your organization to promote volunteerism?

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