June 03, 2012

Building Your Employer Brand

I notice that lots of agencies have produced new websites associated with the WorkBC program.  There are some awesome new websites out there now and as a result the industry has taken a big leap forward with its online presence!  Congratulations and great work!

One area that is often forgotten, or perhaps put to the bottom of the pile, is the Careers page on your website.  Many websites don’t have one because they feel that they don’t often have jobs to post so what is the point.  Well, the point is, this is an excellent place for you to promote yourself as a great place to work! And why would you want to do that you ask?

Here are 5 good reasons to have a great Careers page on your website!

5.   Talk about yourself! Let customers or clients know what kind of organization you are – and that includes the way you are as a place to work!  Having an area on your website that talks about what kind of employer you are, the kind of culture you have and the kind of people that work at your agency tells clients what to expect when they walk through the door.  They will want to be a part of that action just by being a client!

4.   Market your jobs! You may not have a job available today but you will at some point so having a place on your website where you can market that opportunity is critical to your online presence.  This is also a no-cost way to get the word out that you have a job opening.

3.   Speak directly to candidates! Give potential candidates a sense of whether they would fit in your agency before they apply.  Get your candidates to do the work for you by screening themselves out if they don’t think they would belong in your environment. Be clear about what you offer as an employer and they will know whether it is for them or not.

2.    Provide current employees with a place to brag! Career pages that show current employees (especially on video – hint hint) talking about how great it is to work for you is a wonderful testimonial for coming to work for you! This is also a chance for your employees to share their experiences and to generate their own feelings of pride for being a part of the organization.

And the number 1 reason to have a Careers page on your website....

Build your brand!  Employers who are known for who they are and what they are like to work with are the Employers who attract the best talent.   If no one can find your job, you won’t attract the best candidates. 

And don’t you want the best of the best to come and work for you?

What action can you take today to start building your Careers page?

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