June 28, 2012

Recruiter's Rant

I have been reviewing a lot of resumes lately as I have been actively recruiting a number of professional positions in the Victoria area.
One of the things that drives me crazy as a recruiter is when I receive an email with a resume and a cover letter in different word documents. So here is my tip!
When sending in a resume and cover letter by email, if you want both to be read - send in ONE document.  Cover letter followed by resume.  And here is why:
  • Saves time. I have one document to open, read and possibly print.
  • I don't get to choose to read only one of your documents - I have to read or at least scan the cover letter to get to the resume.  Sometimes if I get two documents I pick one and if it doesn't grab me I don't bother to read the other.  All that work was put into it and it wasn't even opened!
  • Documents don't get separated. If I am saving your document onto my hard drive, I can easily save together.  (oh - 2nd tip - name your documents in a professional way so that I don't have to rename it with your name on it)
  • Makes it easy to forward. If I am attaching your materials to send to another party, sending one document is more organized and easier to send.
And if you really want to look good?  Don't send in Word with a chance of the formatting changing - send in a PDF. You can make a PDF right in Word - it is easy peasy and shows effort!
Every recruiter is different and may not agree with me but that is this Recruiter's Rant!

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