August 13, 2012

Time to go Social! Impact 99 Road Trip!

I don't know about you but I have spent the last year trying to get a handle on the use of social media for business.  It used to just be able the Big 3 - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. They all have a purpose and they are all completely mainstream now.  They have gone beyond the basics of connecting with old high school friends and posting pictures of my cats.  They are defining the nature of business and of work under the term Social Workplace.

So, the big question is now how to implement "social business tools" and make them worthwhile to my business and to my value as an HR professional. Not to mention, how to do I use with my employees, my clients, my customers?  This article from BCHRMA People Talk by Christine McLeod offers insight into the Digital IQ and Social Business.  I am also half way through the book, the Digital Workplace, by Paul Miller and it is shedding all kinds of light on the reality of knowledge work happening wherever, whenever, regardless of face time with your employees.  Fascinating stuff!

I have found that the best way to absorb all this new learning is to immerse myself in it for a short period of time and then to practice, practice and practice!  So, I was thrilled to learn about Impact 99 - HR Summit 2012.  This is an event that will allow for all kinds of powerful learning about going social in the workplace.

Impact 99 is a unique one-day experience that helps HR and business leaders move from thought to action as they get educated on social workplaces, HR innovation and business thought leadership.

Engaged HR is proud to be a community sponsor of Impact99- HR Summit. As an exclusive business event directly impacting BC businesses and igniting more social workplaces in Canada, I would like to extend my personal invitation to Vancouver Island innovative HR leaders to join Engaged HR October 2nd in Vancouver. We would be delighted to have you join a community of forward-thinking HR& Business minds on Vancouver Island!

As a Community Sponsor to this event, I see value in everything this event offers - from interaction with social media, to building my understanding of how other thought leaders are implementing, to finding like-minded people to join the conversation. It all has value!

So, I want you to join me!  Come to Impact 99 in Vancouver on October 2nd and let's learn together!  And for those of you in the Victoria area, let's come together each month and support each other in our learning!  We all go to conferences that are great in the moment but it is tough to sustain the learning after that.  Coming together to share, to learn and to re-ignite our thinking will make this social business stuff stick!

As a community sponsor, I have access to VIP ticket pricing nearly 66% of the regular registration price, and VIP hotel pricing as well. Email me for more registration information and great deals on this event and we can discuss our Impact 99 Road Trip!

Take action and let's go Social!

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