April 07, 2013

The Reluctant Online Networker - What's That?

Have you heard of the term "digital influence"?  Do you have it?  With the explosion of social media, we are now "social networking" which means that we are connecting, networking and building community in a whole new way. We have moved from being a part of in-person communities to also contributing to online communities and with that, our reputation, or our "personal brand", has taken on a whole new meaning.

This idea began to form in my mind when I watched the Social Media Revolution 2013.

It explicitly talks about the brand that we are becoming and the role Social Media has to play.  All made sense.  Then I read this article on Forbes.com - 2013: The Year of Social HR.  It talks about the role of personal brand in our careers.  Put this all together and I started to think about how we are networking online, how we are building connections and creating our personal brands.

So, in addition to a workshop for The Reluctant Networker (which is about networking in person), I also created a workshop about networking online, to generate some discussion, to share some of these thoughts and to intersect the concepts of networking and personal branding.  The Reluctant Online Networker will make for an interesting workshop! 

The number of ways we can be online is also overwhelming, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Goggle +, Pinterest.....the list goes on and on.  This workshop is not about learning how to tweet or how to post on Facebook. It is about understanding what it means to be "social" online and how to manage it.

Welcome to the world of digital influence! Learn how to consciously build community, manage your online presence and build your personal brand. Whether you are looking for work, building your business or just wanting to know who to connect with on Linked In, this workshop will help you be intentional with your online presence.

This workshop will help you build your personal brand, manage your digital influence, and identify ways you can build your network, be of service to others and make great connections, even friends, all online!

Workshop to be held in Fall 2013.

Are you a Reluctant Networker?

Does the term “networking” send shivers of dread down your spine?  Have you ever skipped an event because you just couldn’t bring yourself to enter a room filled with people you didn’t know? Perhaps you have stood at an event pretending to be on the phone because you didn’t have anyone to talk to?  Well guess what – it doesn’t have to be like this!

I can't tell you the number of people who stare at me like I have lost my marbles when I say that.  They can't imagine ever thinking that networking would be something they will enjoy doing.  And then I tell them my secret.  And it shifts them. It changes their perception and it makes them see networking in a whole new way.

So, I decided to offer this secret in a workshop - to bring people together and to give people the chance to find out how I did it; how I went from being a very, very reluctant networker to an engaged networker. And now you can find out the secret too!

It is time to change the way you network!  Not just change the way you think about networking – no more shiver of dread for you – but instead, to give you tools, techniques and a new perspective on what networking is and can be.  Networking isn’t about getting your business card into the hands of as many people as possible.  Those days are over.  Networking is about building relationships, helping people and connecting on a number of levels.

I have super excited about the new workshop series I am offering! One of the workshops is The Reluctant Networker (ongoing dates with the next one April 25, 2013).  The other workshop is The Reluctant Online Networker (ongoing dates with the next one May 15, 2013).

This Reluctant Networker workshop will help you identify ways you can build your network, be of service to others and make great connections, even friends, along the way!

Here are some thoughts from those who have taken the workshop:

"Excellent! Confirmed what I know but took things to a whole new level with techniques, strategies and better goals."

"Great knowledge and being a "reluctant networker" herself, Denise is able to put herself in the shoes of her participants."

"I left this workshop with new insights into how to do my best and most effective networking while being true to myself.  I have practical ways to reduce my reluctance and increase my sense of connection."

So, now it is your turn. Are you ready to go from Reluctant Networker to Engaged Networker?

Next workshop to be held in Fall 2013.